how safe is ivf

“There is a lot of research done on the health of the baby born after IVF treatments, but we want to focus on the health of the ‘mom to be’.”

It is found that for every 1,000 of the women who receive an infertility treatment, about 30 of those women experience some form of pregnancy complication. This is almost equal to or marginally higher than those who conceive on their own. So, while the difference is mild, it should be known.

With IVF, it is common to have several cycles of treatment in one or the other form before achieving a positive pregnancy, and there are high doses of hormones required. Although these injections may cause mild nausea or bloating, these effects are temporary. Other risks include ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome(OHSS), multiple gestations, ovarian torsion, ectopic pregnancy, and risks of anaesthesia and egg retrieval procedure. It is therefore very important to carefully titrate or adjust the dose of hormones so that there is no hyperstimulation. Even if there is any indication of hyperresponse, complications can be avoided to much extent if timely detected.

We, at Vasundhara Hospital Jaipur, aim to prevent any complication or unwanted experience by the patient. The first and foremost principle of our treatment protocols is ‘nonmaleficence’ or ‘cause no harm’. It is our own experience that most of the couples initially worried about IVF being a painful or taxing procedure ended up saying that it was much easier than they had thought.

As IVF pregnancies have increased chances for twins, the mother may also have higher chances of gestational hypertension, diabetes, pre-term delivery, and increased need for caesarean section. If monitored well, most of the pregnancies are uneventful and healthy. In some high risk cases or those trying for second baby, we plan for a single embryo transfer as to minimise the chances of twin pregnancy and also getting best results in IVF through our advanced technologies and careful selection of embryos after culturing them for extended periods and doing a blastocyst transfer.

Babies born from IVF do not have any higher chances of birth defects as babies born from a natural conception. Also, studies have confirmed that there is no difference in the physical or mental developmental of the children born after IVF as compared to natural pregnancies.

In this respect, Vasundhara hospital and fertility centre has emerged as one of the best IVF centre in Jaipur, as patient safety is integral to our treatments.  Our goal is to help you conceive a healthy baby with absolutely safe infertility treatments.AND AT LAST, A BABY IS WORTH ‘THIS MUCH PAIN’.

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