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It is beyond any doubt that aside from a woman’s age, the method used for ovarian stimulation represents a very important determinant of egg and embryo quality and IVF outcome. There is no single stimulation protocol that is suitable for all IVF patients. It must be individualized especially when it comes to women with advanced age, low Anti Mullerian Hormone(AMH) and women with poor ovarian reserve (POR) or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).

Mini-IVF is an IVF procedure that involves ovarian stimulation using low dosage injections and tablets for ovarian stimulation. Some researchers are of the opinion that it is a safer and less expensive treatment than conventional IVF where high dose injections are used, while yielding comparable success rates. But is it really a boon for all or is it to be used judiciously for some.

The world’s first IVF baby, Louise Brown, now 41, was created by picking up the egg from her mother’s ovaries in a natural cycle without any fertility drugs.

So let us go through the claims made in support of mini-IVF:

1. Milder stimulation using oral ovulation induction tablets alone or in combination with low dose gonadotropin injections reduces hyperstimulation of ovaries and overall risks associated with IVF.

2. Women with POR will respond better tomild or minimal stimulation and egg quality is expected to be enhanced. As the follicles not responding to low doses of infections are expected to be having lower FSH receptors, these follicles will seldom yield mature eggs.

3. Use of fewer injections translates into lower cost as these injections contribute to a major chunk of finances involved.

4. Lesser stimulation is more physiological, so the endometrium (uterine lining) may be better. Higher doses of injections may have a negative impact on endometrium.

Now, let us also examine disadvantages of mini-IVF

1. Lower number of eggs also mean less embryos, so less chances of embryo selection

2. Less embryos may also mean lesser or no embryos for freezing, thereby decreasing the cumulative pregnancy rates.

3. There are more chances of cycle cancellation, specially in poor responders.

So what is the subset of patients benefitting from mini-IVF.

1. PCOS women with high risk of hyperstimulation syndrome.

2. Poor responders with < 5 antral follicles on a baseline scan.

3. Previous cycles with hyporesponse, where very few eggs were collected despite conventional  gonadotrophin stimulation.

4. Where IVF is otherwise not possible because of financial constraints.

5. Women opting for accumulation or pooling of embryos.

How to choose the best IVF centre in Jaipur?

Vasundhara hospital and fertility research centre provides the most trusted IVF treatment in Jaipur as it offers different patient friendly and cost effective IVF packages which are designed according to patient’s needs.

We do not advocate over aggressive use of gonadotropins as it is not cost effective and also results in decreasing the chances of conception. Prudent use of injections is the key to optimal stimulation which will result in maximising results and minimising adverse effects.

“The terms ‘natural cycle,’ ‘patient-friendly,’ ‘mild,’ ‘minimal,’ and ‘soft’ in vitro fertilization (IVF) have increasingly been used in the literature nowadays. Although this strategy is a boon if patient selection is correct, it may also turn out to be a curse if not properly planned.Mini-IVF/ Minimal stimulation IVF and natural cycle IVF are potential alternatives for women who respond poorly with conventional stimulation protocols and might otherwise be directed to use of donor eggs.

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