What are Causes and treatment of Secondary Infertility?

what are causes and treatment of secondary infertility - vasundhara hospital jaipur

Couples who have conceived previously but are not able to conceive again despite trying for at least 12 months are said to have secondary infertility. Of the couples visiting us for fertility assistance, around 30-40% are suffering from secondary infertility.

During the second time around, you started trying for a baby and you are frustrated because it’s been over 12th months and each time pregnancy test is showing a negative result. You start wondering what’s wrong this time because the first time, it just happened when you wanted it to happen! The stress involved in trying to conceive another child is enormous as the age factor becomes important now and the age gap between two kids also has to be appropriate.


Wife’s age

Women are most fertile before 30 years. After 30 years of age, fertility starts declining and after 35 years, it declines very rapidly. There is decline in the quantity as well as quality of eggs produced. Also, the proportion of eggs with chromosomal abnormalities increases as a woman’s age advances. Abnormal eggs are incapable of producing healthy embryos, thereby increasing chances of infertility and miscarriages.

If you are trying to conceive in your late 30s or early 40s, it is advised to consult the doctor and discuss your pregnancy options as soon as possible.

Problem with egg formation

With increasing age, the number and quality of eggs reduce. You may need medical treatments or IVF for the same.  PCOS is also a condition that may interfere with egg formation. Some women may also have problem of ovarian cysts which prevents formation or release of eggs.

Blocked Fallopian Tubes

 Having conceived once does not mean that fallopian tubes can’t be blocked. In fact the chances of having one or both the tubes blocked are as much as in primary infertility.

Uterine Factor

With increasing age, the uterus may develop fibroids or the existing ones may increase in size. Also because of pelvic infections or genital TB, the lining of uterus may not be good enough for a pregnancy.

Hormone Imbalance

Problems like thyroid disorders or raised prolactin levels may also interfere with second time conception.

Partner’s Health

The age matters both in husband and wife. The sperm quality may decline as a man ages. Sometimes, there may be problem with sperm counts or the speed which affects the fertilization process. Only a properly done semen analysis may help us reach a broader diagnosis as to where the things are going abnormal. So, evaluation of both the partners is a must.

Vasundhara hospital and fertility research centre (VHFRC)

At Vasundhara Hospital, we have a dedicated team of consultants, embryologists, andrologist and counselors to manage all forms of infertility, including secondary infertility. We are equipped with advanced and latest technology to help us precisely identify the issue and treat you better.

All the conditions mentioned above can be managed if we start treatment in time. We have all the services ranging from evaluation of both the couples, simple ovulation induction, follicular monitoring, IUI, IVF, ICSI, PICSI, TESA, PESA, laparoscopy and hysteroscopy which helps us deliver the best success rates.

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